Friday, April 27, 2012

Doonside Commuter Seeks Local And Country Rail Improvements!

Shirley from Doonside, who seemed to be busy organising her family sat upstairs with me in the carriage - with her husband downstairs  guarding their luggage from their big trip from Wauchope.

One thing she wanted to state to me about public transport is that Country trains there are some young people smoking in the toilets of carriages that are non-smoking, and they laying themselves across seats and not allowing adults to sit down. The other  idea  is that the trains are usually packed to Wauchope - would like to see more services on this country line to ease passengers from standing on long trips.

Also Shelley would like to see more open stations instead of closing down ticketing offices on small train stations. In other words, there is an important need to see enough coverage of station assistants on station offices and covering platforms.

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