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My Future Long Term Public Transport Masterplan!

Planing for future for transport within NSW must incorporate a heavy emphasis in moving people to and from public transport that will alleviate congestion on roads and not add to delays as well. This has got to be done to cater for a growing population and a growing commuter population, especially if population expectation  is predicted to be 5,615,400  in 2031 an increase of 1,359,590 compared to 2010 Sydney population.

Special bus lanes must be promoted as well as community ways, extension of rail services via  'Y' links to Campbelltown- Penrith, Penrith to Riverstone etc, to meet both north and south as well. Duplication of carriageway lines from St Marys to Emu Plains. Station upgrades on all  stations on the Western  & Cumberland lines to be upgraded catering for  improved access to all commuters.

Local transport planning is the primary importance to meet local transport demand and must include local transport groups or related community groups in consultation inclusive of feedback from LGA's.

Bus Reviews should be reduced down to 2 areas only - Sydney and Western Sydney with focus on local transport connecting major shopping hubs bringing in a closer community. Bus stops must be easily marked, illuminated for night for both commuters and bus drivers to see and also  made more accessible, when bus stops aren't adequately accessed. Increased services introduced based on increased patronage.

Commuters that interchange to other public transport services or interconnect, need to have planned local timetable where both transport services allow adequate walking distance to meet the other connection.

Review of transport fares to be reviewed as per same terms of office for Parliamentary Members of the NSW Parliament, no offloading price increases every 6-12 months.

Public transport must have continual advertisements, in all forms of media's to move more people off cars into all forms of public transport even the promotion of 'Maxi Taxis' for small group short trips.

Public transport should not be neglected on weekends and late at nights on weekdays, loop bus services should be provided to cover multiple routes.

More security provided through Police Transit Officers on all public transport, ensuring safety on trains, buses, train stations,  bus interchanges and taxi ranks, car-parks and all other NSW for Transports public property. State Transit officers will be employed for ticket infringement notices.

LGA's must be used as a  feedback for the local community where  Council's can make there recommendations  to the local Transport Community Task force Group- which will include relevant  transport stakeholders, commuters ( local transport group and/or equivalent)  both council Traffic officers and Councillor Officers - representing community's interests.

Free Wi-Fi should be offered on all forms of public transport from train stations, bus stops, trains, light rail, buses and even taxis - this will be a great incentive for commuters to move into public transport enjoy their trips while researching, search, meeting assignments,  just plain old simply reading, e-mailing, blogging and any other Internet activity.

Commuters input is important and decisions made must not be made without this in mind, especially when it comes down to it no one should be denied  a type of public transport service. In saying that, where there is a train station that meets a community but is main amenities are further away for walking distance, a free Bus shuttle service can be operated as long as NSW for Transport meets their obligation by publicat
on of services in all medias and ensuring it meets local needs.

Video 1 Public Transport Promotion - click here

Video 2 - Promotion for Public Transport Future - click here

Bus drivers and Cityrail staff  must not obtain their drivers licence (for bus driving only) yet go through stringent Customer Service Course(s) on the focus of  presenting a great image for their industry and reviewed at least one day per year. Commuter competitions  to award Cityrail staff , bus driver, taxi driver best customer service transport operator etc

Although there are no smoking sign placed on train stations there doesn't seem to be any policing of this, with financial infringement notices issues. This will create revenue for the NSW Government and also a healthier community or environment for commuters to commute in. Adding to this should is bus interchanges and bus stops should be free of commuter lighting up cigarettes.

Refer to Non Smokers' Movement Australia

Non smokers on station platforms

Instead of widening roads, creating eventually more clogging of traffic in the long term future - maybe look at 'Bus Only' streets and car only streets ( limiting cars travelling around)! Taxi only shortcut routes- technology announcing which is the shortest route and cost of before departing to destination!

Light Rail or Trolley Buses can used in the local  community, to provide links in loops services around the desired routes  ensuring more commuters are make more accessible to more public transport. In services that have high demand for patronage then bring back the 'Double-Decker buses'!

A Light Rail Sydney
An English "Reading' Trolley bus
File:Tr├ądbuss Landskrona.JPG
A Swedish Trolley Bus
Increase in penalties, sentencing regarding missile throwers on public transport vehicles, transport officer and the general public  - including for juveniles, defacing/graffiti  public transport property made to  decorate public transport property with consensus of the  local community, increasing 'community pride' for first offence and  let these offenders  reach out to the general community and tell others of all the negatives of doing so. Community encouraged to take photos/ videos of these offenders and refer to crimestoppers
Do not collect $200!

Colourful buses, trains & taxis to  make the community feel more proud of how transport feels and looks in their area:

The colorful jet ferry

Maxi taxis can be use to take up to eleven commuters to relevant short distance and an economical rate when the fare is divided equally. Also another form of transport that was used in Mount Druitt before was the 'Westbus Nippers' then they were pulled out of service for unknown reason.

 For the enthusiast there must be access provided for bike ways and  allowing for leisure, pleasure and to commute to various destinations. This form of public transport should not be omitted in local transport discussions from within the community right up to Transport for NSW and local Government areas. Designated routes should allotted for this purposes, even though one lane way may be used up on major roads.

Promotion of Government regulated carpooling can ultimately reduce  near empty private cars off the road  which in the long run can  provide healthier lifestyles to the community and there will be overall reduction of petrol used. NSW for Transport should ensure this is considered with all Local Government's plans.

car pool

The best way of  planning future public transport is from within the local community, people discussing through transport local advocacy groups. community groups and meeting though Local  Government Transport Forums - open to the community/areas, representations made to local State members of the NSW Government.

The final result is that you as an individual cam also have a Transport Long Term Masterplan - not everyone's is correct. Where similarities occur that is when there seems to be an overall movement to a popular suggestion and other unpopular may also get through -

Have your say at NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan - there are community forums coming up that you may wish to share your views as well - my suggestion is two fold - either provide your feedback no matter how big or how small direct to NSW Government via the Masterplan or your local member of Parliament or you may contact our group and we may be looking at referring it directly  to the NSW Government via  WSPTU to the Long Term  Transport Masterplan.

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