Friday, April 13, 2012

Commuter Missed Train Station Whilst Talking To Me!

An excited wonderful man  I met on the train really was interested with the transport topic that I always introduce and allow commuters to  talk about.

Ahmed from Mount Druitt had a lot to say about public transport - especially when his Mytrain quarterly ticket went from approximately $450 to $500 per quarter. It seemed to him that there was  no important changes to qualify for his dramatic fare increase.

Here is something I don't hear much: the Cityrail staff at Mount Druitt train Station ae grumpy, abrupt and rude when asking them questions and they appear that they are under pressures from the Cityrail Management. His impression of them is it appears they haven't ever done a customer service course before!

After this he said to me that he had to get off at Westmead, my throat nearly went choked when I realised we  were going past Pendle Hill. Once I told him that he missed his station I also said that is because of myself that he missed the station - he reassured myself it was no worries as we were having a great conversation - got off at Seven Hills to go back to Westmead1

Agentleman of one kind as never got upset on myself - he just dropped his jaws and gasped! What I liked about him was that he also said that he would hope to meet myself again one day!

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