Saturday, April 28, 2012

Commuter Speaks From The Heart for Reduced Fares And Safer Trains!

A young lady called Shelley from St Claire was a quiet commuter until she had a lot so say about 'commuting', after commuting for almost 10 years.

Her issues were the ticketing price to the city return weekly was $50.00 and she catches buses - suggested she purchases a My Multi ticket to cover both forms of public transport and she came back saying that all fares should be around $24.00 per week. This is the concession weekly ticket price that she recommends should be the same across the board, which would provide equality in fares.

Safety issues is her next primary issue on City Rail trains. She told myself of what happened to her girlfriend, witnessed one day: a gang of youths brought a brick in on a train carriage one day and assaulted another young teenager, as they wanted to take all her valuables from her. This happened around Rooty Hill. By the time the Security guards or Transit Officers arrived these culprits had left the scene and the teenage girl was in total distress.

She recommends the following to provide a safer City Rail trains:
Help Points on Stations
  1. More help point buttons on the train providing closer proximity to  more commuters
  2. More signs and knowledge providing more details where the 'Help Points' are inclusive of  'Arrow Signs' showing the way!
  3. At least security guards or  police patrolling on every train or close access to commuters that may need quick safety measures to be used for all travelling trips.
These issues seemed to have poured out of her heart. Let's hope transport stake holders listen to her and provide the right measures to ensure every commuters safety on all forms of public transport! I suggested she lodges her ideas to the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan that finishes today for submissions.

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Anonymous said...

The state government has made changes to the security model on public transport by removing Transit Officers and replacing them with Police. The only trouble with this solution is that the government is pulling a fast one by only replacing 600 transit officers with only 300 Police as there are already 300 Police on public transport and spreading them across all modes of transport. Transit officers where rail only , all i can say public transport will not be safer under this government

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