Tuesday, April 24, 2012

West (Sydney) Regional Forum For The NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

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Mount Druitt makes head-waves with the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan Community Forum for the west as we had the following from our group attend, Peter, Pauline, Christina, Debra, Margaret-Anne, Allan, Dianna, Lester, Angie, Mary, Christina and Shane, Jacqueline and myself attend. This is approximately 80 percent of our current membership.

We were welcomed by Ray Williams MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Western Sydney, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Minister for Transport and Duncan Gay M.C.Minister for Roads and Ports and then Carolyn McNally, Deputy Director general, Planning and Programs.

Ray Williams MP, made a smashing statement when he announced  removal of services in Whalan where commuters were hardship, when he was in opposition and mentioned how
 had fought hard with the then opposition government for the return of these services and Gladys Berejiklian MP advised of previous NSW Government removing 1500 bus services  in the entire Western Sydney

With 60 or so representatives of communities, councils, transport officers, we are a group represented about 20 per cent of the  invitees. We thank the following for having a well constructed organised and presentable forum allowing for great feedback to be provided. There would have been 8-9 tables  of groups where  each person was allowed to have 'Their say', in one hour a lot can be said in one table, especially when there was a scribe and a chair at each table. This made it easy to work out what  was important - and the focus was on public transport inclusive of cycling -  if motorways are widened or lengthened then the tolls collected for those road should be used to subsidise public transport!

During the discussion at my table, I had turned around to ask for another cup of coffee to a lady I thought was serving coffee/tea. It turned out to be Gladys holding a cup of coffee in her hand and I embarrassingly apologised. Gladys advised that was 'Alright'. Well Gladys did advise that both Duncan Gay and herself will be moving around tables listening to community groups for concerns and wishes! I deeply apologised!

The outcome of our group was they were all receiving positive vibes about it - which is unusual as usually people say it was a boring one, they have their plans already done, they don't want to hear us. And surprisingly there was no opposition State Member that turned up - even the Opposition Leader - who's seat is in Blacktown, Western Sydney!

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