Monday, June 20, 2011

Westbus 674 Odd Time Tables - One Less Trip On Mount Druitt Return Journey!

Yes, one of our Mount Druitt bus commuters has raised an issue of concern for returned bus service on from Mount Druitt on week days. Here are the times for the residents of Gasmatta  Whalan can catch  on the Westbus 674.

From Aurora Drive & Corner of Luxford Roads

Weekdays: 7.17am, 7.47am, 8.51am, 10.02am, 1.02pm, 4.44pm & 5.44pm

Saturday;    9.08am & 4.36pm

Sunday:       10.02am

Return From Mount Druitt Stand 7:

Weekdays:  8.00am, 10.28am, 1.28pm, 3.59pm, 4.59pm & 5.59pm

Saturday:     9.53am & 4.23pm

Sunday:        3.03pm

We will contact Westbus to find out more information as why there is one bus short on return trip.

Also we believe there are no bus stops on Moresby Crescent Whalan so we will find out what is happening as well.

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