Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Transport But This Can Assist Commuters Get Better Transport And Home Easier!

One of our loyal and respectable group members Peter, has been trying to  improve his community  in many ways, although he has  hit some red-tape brick walls within  the local branches of the Australian Labor Party (when he was a member) and a few has been accept and implemented.

he is a well known identity around Mount Druitt and a great man that has transport in his heart. He even takes great interest in locomotives and steam engine trains. What he knows is fascinating!

Due to my neglect, I was supposed to place this story on our blog last month and I wish to personally apologise to Peter for not doing so. I am human and I hope he forgives!

So here we are: Peter has been lobbying for a pedestrian footbridge that crosses the railway line opposite Loyola College crossing over to Charles McKay Bushland Reserve, Mount Druitt. This will cater for students and residents that need to cross to get to  their destination, It will also be good and make it easier if and when Mount Druitt gets a Free Bus Shuttle Serve travelling along North Parade, commuters can depart the bus and walk across.

Here is the link for Blake's Mount Druitt Shuttle service click here:

Please find the local story by The St. Marys-Mt Druitt 17th June 2008:

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