Monday, June 20, 2011

Bus Stop Shelters - Info From Blacktown City Council

A  transport spokesperson from Blacktown City Council has advised that the funding and construction of 12 bus within the Blacktown City Local Government Area has commenced and is on its way to be constructed and completed soon -  I believe with a bit of luck we will be able to supply you with the bus stop areas and bus stop numbers.

I now  to discuss bus stop  news that was provided to me today and that is  the average cost for to construct a bus stop shelter is approximately $12,000 each. In Blacktown City Council Local Government Area as of 11/1/2011 - letter received from Mayor of Blacktown bus stop numbers total 1675. From this figure, 34 percent (565), of these are represented within Mount Druitt suburbs and 34 percent of these bus tops are sheltered (192).  So  one out three bus stops are sheltered - we will see whether this is correct.

We can now see that funding for bus stops is not cheap as it involved fixing curbs and footpaths, it is access-able to all commuters,  not leaving it  disadvantaged to anyone.

For further information have a look at NSW bus stop Infrastructure completed by WSCF:
click here:

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