Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missing Public Transport Costs $300 Dental Appointment - Fair Share Small Business!

Can you believe it! I couldn't and wouldn't believe it!

More nice young people I spoke too today. Young Natalie and Jack and Natalie had the travel problem this morning that could not be true! Her story is believable but unbelievable for the end result!

Here it is: She arrived at her bus stop at St Claire 9.15am about 10 minutes earlier to catch the Westbus 775 (which is around about what I preach commuters should do 5-10 minutes before the transport is due), and waited and waited. She was due to go to a dental appointment that was due at 11am half an hour walk from Parramatta train station. Arriving at 9.28am the bus arrived (as she checked her time on her phone) and travelled 20-30 minutes to Mount Druitt bus interchange.

By the time  they caught the Train to Parramatta, it was way past 11am and they had a half an hour walk to reach the dentist who will charge her $300 for missing an appointment that she wasn't about 2 days before and also for today's one - her mother called them up this morning to advise she will be late. That's right $300 for missing an appointment and being late for one! I believe in small business bit not small business making money out of nothing maybe they could have  tried to contact her and asked if she was coming 2-3 hours before the appointment!!!!!

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