Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Support Any Protection For Bus Drivers/Commuters - Which Lessens Anti Social Behaviours!

On Friday night a few of our group members were contacted by Tens News reporter Lachlan Kennedy, who required our views on the new Westbus guards/gates that have been apparently devised by a bus driver and are on trial with 5 buses around the Mount Druitt St Marys area.

Our group members fully support any preventative measures used to make a commuters life safer in all of day, especially if it protects the primary transport officer on buses: bus drivers. This is giant turn in the right direction by bus operators, and we can now see that' improvements are being made for all involved. The word is that  once this trial period is completed, then the guard/gate will be placed  on 35-40 buses and so on. It appears that all bus operators and the New South Wales government bus drivers may need to have the same safety measures installed.

We believe as a group it takes quite a few safety and community learning measures to make the overall community that essential services and transport officers of public transport should not be denied of the respected job and threatened by any one in any way. We also believe it is up to each one of us to  present this to the community members we speak too.

We believe the Ten News story was on the evening news on Friday, 24th June 2011. Unable to find any links on it so far - but will endeavor to get one for all of you to see!

Thank you to Ten News and their library for the following video:

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