Friday, June 17, 2011

Blacktown City Councillor Supports Blake's Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle Service

Blacktown City Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, has (from what I have been told) raised the issue of Mount Druitt  free bus shuttle loop service around the main amenities of Mount Druitt. Blake Bardowski has 'placed the wheels in motion' for this possible bus service that Mount Druitt Commuters so deservedly desire.

Last year when Blake was showing his creative Blake's way of introducing new and exciting new bus services in and around Mount Druitt, I mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a free shuttle bus service and he took it to his  passionate heart and mind to develop the  proposal plan for the free bus shuttle service and her is his blog you can loom at (Blake is very creative).

The potential for commuters to have a free bus shuttle bus service would be that commuting to different amenities will be with quite ease, comforting with a definite increase in patronage in this service and other linked transport services.

There would be a lot of financial windfall to the local amenities that the free shuttle service will reach  easily and allow commuters use these facilities more often like: Westfield Shopping Centre, Chifley High School, Loyola College, Rooty Hill RSL, Novatel Hotel Rooty Hill, Mount Druitt Hospital, Mount Druitt Police Station, Road Traffic Authority and Mount Druitt Industrial Area.

If you wish to check the original  Blake stories on our ' Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Services'

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