Saturday, June 18, 2011

Member Commuter Living In Mount Druitt Currently Prefers Melbourne Transport Infrastructure

I met another lovely commuter, recently moved in to Mount Druitt, Shantal, has done her personal comparison of public transport from Melbourne to Sydney and  the outcome is Sydney Public Transport rates second to Melbourne.

One main issue is they have 2 travel zones - compared to our 3 travel zones and states that travelling in 2 zones for her in Melbourne is around $40,00 per week on any public transport, train services are pretty much every 10 minutes peak times 7am-7pm and 20 minutes on off-peak times.

She has no problems getting to her job in the mornings to Rhodes but her issues are  timing issues when she leaves at night her work. She cannot leave before 8pm and then there is a 10 minute brisk walk to  Rhodes train station and normally misses that train. The next train to get is around 8.30pm and then changing trains at Strathfield she will reach Mount Druitt between 9pm-10pm. Once she reaches Mount Druitt she does not feel safe to catch buses as there is no security on her buses at night time, thus she catches a taxi every night back home.

This adds another $10 approximately on her travelling expenses per day on top of her weekly ticket of $57.00. I can see  where she is coming from - we seem to have these connections of transport that don't connect commuters at right times making life easier or more trips at night!

I raise my hat to her  for raising this issue and actually telling us how our transport compares!

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