Monday, June 20, 2011

NSW Roads & Traffic Authority Interesting Information: Facts & Figures!

As I say almost every day, I meet such great people every day. Every day 'you' and 'me' people. People that when prompted to speak to a stranger by a single comment or question made will respond instantaneously, without further prompting. At the end the short 10-20 minutes of conversation is so special, you will remember them and hopefully they will remember me (somehow). When I think back over the last couple of months, lots of individuals, they all have their importance of and in life and that is what makes me do what I am doing.

So today I spoke to a NSW RTA Spokesperson, who provided with facts and figures he seemed like what ever  questions you would ask of him he would have an answer for. In fact  he would over and beyond - some one that would be used a 'Brains Trust' for a Transport Forum or similar.
so happy!

I also support after announcing my position as 'President of the Mount Fruity Commuters Improvement Group! and also an Intern Vice-President of the western Sydney Public Transport Users', that is what sparks these people to hold their head high and talk as well.

These are the  statistics  that was provided to me:

  • That on the Sydney Harbour Bridge 350 buses take 19,000 passengers per hour across the bridge, whilst trains take 21,000 commuters across the same bridge.
  • A new single bus costs the NSW Government  between $650,000- $750,000  on the road.
  • The Parramatta  Free Bus Shuttle all costs add up $600,000 per year, previously operated by Parramatta Council and Parramatta Leagues Club. 
  • That  buses will be replaced once they reach 12 years on road service - there is only one Bus Operator that has more than 12 year old buses and there buses will soon be replaced with new ones!
  • In relation to possible Light Rail in Western Sydney - claims that the their wouldn't be enough  numbers to fulfil patronage numbers.
  • Older buses are used on school runs whether it be  to and from school on daily basis or school excursions leaving the newer buses for the general bus commuters
Okay some statistics may be boring but when you think about it these are relevant  to run a better transport system and  providing a better infrastructure as well for the Greater Western Sydney and also for Sydney.

Transport Quiz : How long  is the length an average bus in Sydney 
                           and Greater Western Sydney?

From the NSW RTA Site the answer is 14.5 metres. Something I didn't know and before didn't care. Now I am becoming like the spokesperson from the RTA today a Transport dictionary or knowledge!

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Anonymous said...

12.5m is the standard single rear axle.
14.5 is for double rear axle.
18.5m for articulated buses.

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