Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bus Driver Blocks Traffic On North Parade, Mount Druitt!

Yes, this is true a 'Little Birdie' has told myself of an incident where a Busways bus driver was frustrated with a private passenger vehicle at the exit  and roundabout of the the Mount Druitt bus interchange, entering into Mount Druitt.

This happened due  the private passenger vehicle not providing proper  access for the bus driver to leave the intersection. I believe that the bus driver stood there for 8 minutes and was asked by officials to move on, but  actually ignore directions. This blocked traffic from  both directions.

Although the bus drivers actions were uncalled for and not substantiated, for the action caused by the  driver of the private passenger  vehicle, the driver was very lucky police were not called for obstructing traffic.

Maybe this this could be investigated to ensure this doesn't happen again by Transport for NSW and the Minister for  Transport!

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