Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Mount Druitt Website - Covers Areas We Cannot Cover!

We are an well established public transport group , for the last few years and we always come to issues that are community involved. Sometime people say to us we are  going away from public transport to other issues, that may be true!

Yet in other cases it is like saying what topic of a dinner conversation is not sports or politics? I have decided (separate from the group ), to start a Facebook  Group and the a website on 'What I love about Mount Druitt'.  This will be a community website that encourages people to e-mail myself  and ask for things to be done in the community, without even talking to relevant authorities.

This in itself, with support the advocacy for  improvements in public transport as  improvements are made and known to the community.

Click here for 'What I love about Mount Druitt website!'

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