Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Better Running Better Sydney Trains Required By Emerton Commuter!

For years Annan from Emerton, who has been raised within the Mount Druitt area used to catch the 758 Busways bus service return to Mount Druitt,then catch Sydney Trains to Strathfield and then transfer to  Lewisham train Station. He used to work for  Blacktown City Council, which was more of a local public transport journey, yet when he considered his job prospects he knew there other commuters taking longer journeys, so he joined them taking  longer journeys. Now, Annan travel by car and return to Mount Druitt as after a few years has fixed up his car.

His main issues with Sydney Trains is when it rains he would like to see better running services. Every time the bad whether arrives, everywhere the trains seem to be out of time table! The best to solve this issue is to ensure that Sydney trains infrastructure  is well maintained and serviced, in regards to the railway tracks. ion turn this will make  commuters enjoy their journeys better, especially when they are long journeys.

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