Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where Do You Stand On Public Transport?

An unusual question that needs to be asked. Is using public transport vital or essential to your  daily life and if not why not?

What we do not  realise in our modern day of society is almost everything in life is laid down in front of us. From schools, shops, hospitals, local establishments that assist us in achieving our daily life's goals.

Such people in society expect changes, without their own input. That means relying on others. Some people don't want change to happen that is how they are. I'm sure that all members of the community have traveled in their lives one one or more forms of public transport.

Yet when it come to people travelling using our public transport bus, train or taxi network  are they happy continually travelling in these modes of transport or is it just a drag for them? Where do they stand for them?

Because our current NSW Government only uses the  internet to advertise public transport and doesn't  plastic gigantic billboards on Motorways or major roads promoting the benefits of public transport against congestive traffic driving whilst wasting fuel whilst waiting on long queues that stretch from road to road. Until the mood swings dramatically in the public opinion towards a majority of people using  public transport and fully utilizing all services to the ultimate.

The choice of  using public transport is yours! Where do you stand?

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