Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RailCorp Employee Offers Assistance To Elderly Couple!

This afternoon as I was heading home to Mount Druitt, I experienced a 'gentleman and a RailCorp Officer' offer his seat to an elderly couple who were sitting down inside the Sydney Trains carriage.

The elderly lady had one of those  walking trolleys that provided her assistance in walking. This was when they entered the carriage at Blacktown.

In fact, the young tall man with glasses was so polite, if you didn't see his 'RailCorp' logo on his business shirt, tou would have thought it is an ordinary person, who has the guts to care for others.  That is what has happened.  The generosity came when he offered  his seat as they sat down (after I stood up and offered my seat)  and he could see the seat near the  exit doors was overcrowded  for them. They politely 'thank him' as you normally do and they remained in their seat. The Railcorp Officer/gentleman sat back down in his seat reluctantly. What a man!

Does anyone see this kind of kindness be carried out during your train commuting day?

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