Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Frequency Of Trains Out West And Less Up North - Rooty Hill Commuter!

Each commuter I talk too has got such good qualities and wonderful in sharing their opinions on how they would like to  see improvement in public transport. The beautiful thing that I like in interviewing or discussing these topics with these commuters is I do listen - and when they come from Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs I listen even better! No, it doesn't mean I don't listen to others!

Whilst talking to Jeanne from Rooty Hill, I was really encouraged with her enthusiasm with her passion for  improvement in public transport. It made  myself so realise that there are so many great people in Mount Druitt.

Jeanne travels by car from Rooty Hill to Mount Druitt and then then catches Sydney Trains to Town hall train station and return to home. She says the frequency of trains is very important issue in peak hours returning home, where there is a general tendency that the trains carriages from the city are very crowded and she is generally left standing up to Parramatta train, and sits when seats become available. 

One thing  she has noticed is trains travelling travelling towards the North Shore line are not are not as crowded or over crowed as the T1 Western line. this is where trains services may be taken from to cater  for more commuters travelling out West on the T1 Western Line.  

Jean also mentioned that it appears the NSW Government may not understand that there are workers out west that need to travel to the city or further for work on weekends.  Having on 2 -3 services per hour  on weekend peak hours needs to be increased to 3-4 services per hour, allowing commuters more preparation of time to catch the Sydney Trains at Mount Druitt. The current train services are like the old days when they was only weekday shopping and no weekend shopping - now it is 24 hour shopping, 7 days a week. We don't have the train services to match it, in our modern era.

Furthermore Jeanne  advised about a friend hers that catches the 756 home outside Rooty Hill train station, normally catches the Busways bus 756 and one day the bus didn't arrive for 20 minutes so she decided to walk home to Oakhurst and was completely tired , after one hour of walking on top of the  waiting period.  Bus services should be provided to the local community at correct intervals, to prevent community members being disheartened about bus services and spending  more time getting home!

Finally, Jeanne says that the Sydney Trains are more reliable as opposed to local bus services that disappear!

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