Friday, February 14, 2014

Spilt Water Raises Striking Conversation On Sydney Trains - St Marys Commuter!

Another amazing commuter can I say!

Sometimes when we travel on Sydney Trains, we either travel empty handed or we are carting with us some sort of bag or in some cases bags. When we are able to take a seat, we then settle ourselves down with bags  that carry our daily needs.

In my case the other day, my bag was rest on my lap as I was about to read a journal and I felt something on the right of my trousers. When I checked with my right hand  there was a  spot of water dripping from my water bottle ( which I realised was not tightened).
Then I also notice a bit of it went on the young man sitting next to me called Jamie, from St Marys.

Thinking to myself I was think how will this commuter react once I tell him - but as I advised him what I did we both laugh and  he was alright. We then started a English Soccer  League  (EPL) conversation as he was reading  a book of a life of one of the Liverpool players from 20-30 years ago. I was happy that he  wasn't negative to my accident that happened. Thank God!

He later was advised of our Group details and  was  very appreciative of what we are doing for the community. We both though there might other commuters who meet on Sydney Trains and  create  other striking conversations.

Have you had or started a striking conversation with someone you haven't met be fore, please tell us. We would like to know!

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