Friday, February 7, 2014

Mount Druitt Bike Route Number 10 - Blacktown City Council Needs Emergency Maintenance!

Soon I will be purchasing a bicycle and become a part time cyclist,  using it as an exercise option to become fitter with my wife and at time by myself.

I  have been to Blacktown City Transport Forums and  there is discussions about 'The Blacktown City Bike Plan' and the future of  it.  Although, I am proud Blacktown City Council and their Officers discuss these promotions and bike plans there needs to be a sense of urgency to ensure that the tracks/paths the bicycles are riding on are regularly checked every month, so that members of the community can used it.

Check mount Druitt Bike Plan route Number 10 - see what needs to be updated and maintained - maybe a new track should be  organised asap before there accidents. We do not want patch-up jobs - that is cheap and  not proper!

Click here to watch the video on Mount Druitt Bike Route 10

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