Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NSW For Transport Opal Cards - A Great Improvement For The Community!

The NSW Governments introduction of a major overhaul of the states public transport ticketing system is gradually been implemented and can be seen as a great improvement for Mount Druitt, Western Sydney and Sydney.

In fact it is showing  that what is being done now could have been done by previous NSW Governments. Every member of the current State Government should be proud of this wonderful electronic ticketing system that will  be serving extensively on multi-modes of public transport. No more wasting time for change to purchasing fares, queuing up minutes on minutes for tickets. To be fair, cost factors may have prevented this to occur. The current NSW for Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian is leading the new revolution in making life easier with ticket purchasing and travelling on  public transport, providing this sweeping new technological change.

The Opal card at present only allows a commuter with a credit card or debit to purchase  and be issued with a card, currently for western Sydneysiders  to use this facility on the Sydney Trains Network -  ( T1 Line - for Mount Druitt commuters being launched as from 28th February 2014).  For myself, I will have to wait in line as I personally do not believe in credit/master/debit card for fear of fraud and believe in the old saving accounts. Although, I might be in the minority of commuters, the opportunity will come for myself to purchase a card paying cash at local stores and I believe Woolworth Stores, later on before the end of year. The only problem is I would be saving $3.60 per week on the new Opal card and because I prefer paying cash I will not be able to save  money as per other commuters, yet I understand the Opal Card is being introduced in different stages. Maybe the NSW Government could look at reducing the currently weekly tickets to match Opal weekly tickets for a temporary time until cash is accepted in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney. This is just a request!

My only concern is if a commuter forgets to tap on or go on and is charged   a default fare up to $8.10 on trains - this needs to be explained to commuters. What happens is there is a malfunction with the Electronic Ticketing System - will commuters be charged a default charge?

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