Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rooty Hill Train Station Petition!


Venus Priest, a concerned resident of Rooty Hill, is lobbying for a lifts, escalators and CCTV cameras. present, she has got approximately 500 signatures and has requested our support to promote this petition. We will provide our support for the improvements on Rooty Hill Station and will also extend to her to support from WSPTU and other Stake Transport Stake Holders.

You can download the  the petition and return it directly to Venus or refer to us and will  forward it on to her; This is the details of her petition:


We, the undersigned people of Rooty Hill and it surrounding areas request necessary action be taken in respect of Rooty Hill Station, in particular, we urgently require:

A) LIFT/ELEVATOR for the Elders & Pram Users. We have a large number of elders & Mothers with
     Prams and it is very hard for them to go up and down the stairs.
B)  CCTV CAMERAS  TO DETER BAG SNATCHING.  Commuters specially the early ones have
     experienced such unacceptable  & offensive behaviour. We need cameras & proper lighting within the
     vicinity. The area has becoming dangerous especially at night time.

     We need action to continue living a healthy life. The station has been neglected for years. Local State
     Members of Parliament have so far been ineffective on this issue. We put faith in your hands to please look
     at the situation

     Below are signatures from the people asking for your support.

     Sincerely yours

     Venus Priest                                               Mobile Phone 0478 412  731
     (Concerned Rooty Hill resident)                    e-mail: &


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