Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Should Bus Services Decrease If Patronage Increases

With the Bus Region 1 Increase in Patronage 6.5 percent increase (within the last year), I do not think that future bus reviews should look at reducing service(s). In fact quite the opposite, it is imperative that bus services increase in line with patronage increase. It makes sense to do so.

It appears the CBD only has increased only by 2 per cent within the last year,with b us patronage. So that means Mount Druitt has a higher concentration of commuters that is leaving cars at home and ravelling  weekdays, weekends and night time. Over 3 times the percentage increase over Sydney CBD.

I would be happy to debate this with the NSW Government, if need be. But I don't think they would like to disagree! Here is the original story that providers details:


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