Friday, November 18, 2011

Professional Courtesy Required From The Young On Buses & Trains

A gentleman I met at my bus stop this morning was extremely proud of what our group was doing, even though he has heard of it.

He also advised that one of the things he cannot understand the majority of the young do is complete ignorance and disrespect to their elder commuters. Professional courtesy is what he says  is missing when he sees the young seated on buses and not giving up their seats allowing pregnant ladies, ladies and the elderly, to take that place. Swearing is is the issue high on his agenda, that he claims is commonly said in the young people day to day that should not be allowed from all members of the community. "Laws should be introduced to outlaw this type of behaviour' he said.

On trains he says the young are little bit more well behaved but the same still happens. His generation believed and were instilled by their parents:: self respect, respect of others  and do good to others as one day on will do good to you!

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