Friday, November 4, 2011

Commuter With A Question For The Group

I was asked a strange question today. 'Does our group take complaints?'

I answered, usually commuters that have general complaints  contact the NSW Transport on 131500 phone and website. Yet if anyone has transport issue in relating to  bus trips, routes , bus stops, train service, train taxi service and  taxis as well cycling issue we are the group to assist them, to lobby hard  for these essential services.

I must point out the female bus commuter was using the issue of a broken window on the buses as an example. The reply  was referred to the 131500 who can contact bus operators and then have the window fixed. If this doesn't work then contact our group.

When you think about it, our group is trying to resolve transport problem within our local area, so I suppose if a complaint is a problem - then yes we will take it on, if the transport issue needs to be addressed!

I thought deep and hard about it and yes we take complaints and deal with them,as a group!

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