Sunday, November 6, 2011

Behind The Times & New Lift Request For Doonside!

Jim, originally from Fiji  tells his son not to drive to the  nearest pawn shop but to walk there. He would like to see more progressive better transport as he catches the Busways 753 from Doonside.  His brother from Canada has told him that in Western Sydney the public  bus services should be every 20 minutes as it is in Canada. This is the standard waiting time for buses and is much more advanced than us. Overall we are behind the times compared to Canada.

He is  also seeking advice as to how he could  lobby for lifts at  Doonside station as the local Chemist and other business are seeking this as well. Although he thought it was up to the local community to raise funds for these lifts -  advised him not to worry as this is not the least concern of him. I have given him advice on what to do and that is to speak to the transport officer at Blacktown City Council and get a transport lobby group going!

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