Friday, November 18, 2011

New Train Time Tables Enjoyed By St Marys Commuter - Return Trip From City

Not a lot of commuters complain about transport - here is a commuter that likes improvement in transport - Joel from St Marys,   travels every day  to and from St. Marys to Redfern by train and to and from Redfern to Botany. Wow, there's commuter that travels long journey to ear their keepings, well done Joel!

He says the new train timetable make it easier to get connecting train home in case he misses his first chance: times are  5.07 pm and 5.12 pm, leaving Redfern. Good news!

Doing his figures, estimates that 30% of trains he travels on are not air-conditioned and would like to see the Charter for NSW for Transport to reduce that to zero, providing more comfort.Within the last year he experienced  2 commuters suffering from heat exhaustion on an extreme hot Sydney day and train had to terminate at Parramatta to get them to another train home. Catching buses 20% of them are not air-conditioned especially Redfern to Botany no air-conditioned buses!

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