Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brilliant Idea - Better Train Services Can Be Done In The Greater West!

Local John (not me ) has come up with a brilliant idea that would make City Rail and transport stakeholders a 'shot in the arm'.

Here is it is; on the Cityrail timetables for the Western Line on the weekdays Pm trip heading from City to West - there are some trains that terminate at Blacktown and probably head back to the city - they don't tend to take commuters out to the outer-west. It is suggested that rather they terminate at Blacktown train station then continue their to be at least all stations to St Marys ( as a majority of  commuter leave the train by here) or continue onto Penrith or Emu Plains. Even provide support to the Richmond Line on the Western :Line. This would serve the greater west with more trains services and provide the at least services required.

Terrific idea - why didn't someone else think of it!

Here are the time I've picked up that end at Blacktown Train Station: 4.49pm, 5.06pm, 5.19pm,
5.34pm, 6.05pm, 6.20pm, 7.05pm  & 8.22pm. There's more but these are the major one's

Check it out on the Cityrail website:

By the way, you will note that John (not me) is in the night time picture at the Whalan bus stop story ( See if you can find him):

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