Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Father Waits For His Daughter From Melbourne - At Mount Druitt Train Station

More than 21 years ago I have been catching trains and buses to and from work directions, of Chatswood, Artarmon, North Sydney and Parramatta. whilst getting this transport - in have a lot of local good commuters, especially Greg, Gabbie,Margaret,John (another one) and Nick and another gentleman who has since retired from work 4 years ago, now aged 62.

Great bloke, I forget his name all the time but I know him and he knows me . What I was so surprised about was last Saturday, when I had met this great bloke at Mount Druitt Station and he actually arrived at Mount Druitt train station, to pick up his daughter arriving from Melbourne to Central this particular morning. He decided to wait for her more than an hour, in case she arrived in an earlier train from Central. this is what I find exemplary  from him - what a great father!

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