Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Male Commuter Calls For All Free Public Transport!

Wow! - I half believe in free public transport: that local bus transport should be free but if you need to catch taxis to get to your destination point much quicker then  that is your choice - trains we should pay for!

A male Mount Druitt senior commuter is calling for complete public trans, which will bring all cars off the road, less pollution better, more efficient organised transport infrastructure. I do  meet different people every day who are quite open to talk to me ,with quite ease. Each person has their own quality of life.

This commuter was also stating that although 95 percent of commuters do not use anti-social  behaviorism, the 5 percent  that do spoil it for the entire community and the let the community completely down.

Also better and more security is required on all night trains - making it safer for all commuters! He agrees with our suggestion  of  'Pre-pay buses' and would like it extended to taxi drivers.

With the Commuter Car Park is too far too walk to train station - it should have been at the Car Park where the  former major Druitt Hotel was (currently ST Pat's Hotel).

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