Friday, July 22, 2011

Shhhhhhh! We Know About Blacktown Free Bus Shuttle Services

Since I was a Chairperson of our previous group and now as President of our current group wonders never cease to amaze me when it come to metaphorically speaking, 'When  you are searching for right signs that make you turn correctly, when you are looking for solutions to any problems!'

People used to say to me, ' No, I can't help you' - 'You are not allowed this information!' - "You'll never get the buses back!' - 'You will have to ask someone else not my job' and it goes on and on....

So as you get these knock-backs  suddenly there are others who care and  then you get the support, great feedback and sufficient information to carry with your job that makes it easier for you, your Committee, your group and your wider community.

What am I leaning too - I was trying to seek  Bus shuttle information from Blacktown City Council who were able to assist with patronage and kindly referred my self to Transport NSW Businfo. This was  hard to obtain from them but when with  great deal of help, I now have a second contact with NSW Transport - who has obtained the following figures for us. They are approximate figures:

Here it is average trips per day 24 trips:
Bus Shuttle Blacktown Month  Patronage Days Average per day  Average per trip  

14/3/2011-31/3/2011               2600         17         153                          6.3 
 1/4/2011-30/4/2011                5700         30         190                          7.9 
 1/5/2011-31/5/2011                6200         31         200                          8.3

So by this, we can see that the overall figures are good. It is proven that it seems to be a great benefit to the commuters of Blacktown. There was a substantial increase of 25 percent per day from March to May and this is with  not a lot of Blacktown Commuters understanding that they have this service readily available. This Service was introduced prior to the recent NSW State Election an in hope I pray and ask for this service to continue!

I promise you - that if and when Mount Druitt has a Free Bus Shuttle run , that we as a group will promote it in every way we can. We have the great local support from our wonderful local press - who  respect us as individuals and a transport lobby group. We have thousands and thousands of commuters that have  been having Free Bus shuttle conversations as something that is for the common good of our community. So anyone that is a 'Transport Decision Maker' for the common good raise your hand and finally do something good for our community.

This is what we want in Mount Druitt!!!!!!


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