Monday, July 11, 2011

More Transport Connection Problems With Penrith Commuter!

On Friday night I met this young lady called Jasmine. She advised she has connection issues with  train/buses in Penrith due to her working schedule at Parramatta.

The main issue is if she leaves work she misses the 6.03 train and then gets 6.09pm train to reach Penrith. This reaches Penrith Station at around 6.41pm (if all goes well) giving her 5 minutes to meet her Westbus 797 connection. When there is delays with trains this then poses a long waiting - so she has to call her father to pick her up.

She leaves work at 6pm and cannot reach Parramatta Station by the first leaving and her employer will not allow her to leave before to make it. Catching this train would have given her ample time to reach her destination of Walacia. may there should be convenience time set for connections allowing for any time delays!

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