Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shuttle Bus Located In St Marys!

St Marys Bus Shuttle
Lo and behold, here we are lobbying for a free bus shuttle service in Mount Druitt when spotted in St Marys a Shuttle bus employed to take commuters from St Marys to Mount Druitt via Shalvey. Yes the 758 Busways bus turned out to be a used Blacktown Free Shuttle service. It appears that Busways may want to have a Free  bus shuttle service in St Marys-Mount Druitt area - fantastic!

Truth be known the bus driver advised me that she was asked to this trip after her last trip in Blacktown and thus here she is or here the bus is! If anyone find a free bus shuttle service in an area that is not a free bus shuttle service let us know.

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Anonymous said...

There are two Busways CB60 Scanias that are used for the Free Blacktown Shuttle - Bus 858 and 859. Both buses operate as normal until 3pm - where they will both divert from Blacktown and head to various schools for school buses. After the school buses they will do normal trips until around 7:30 - 8:30. On Saturdays and Sundays, they operate the shuttle until it is finished, then Bus 858 operates a T71 to Castle Hill via Stanhope Gardens and Bus 859 operates a T70 to Castle Hill via Glenwood. Both buses return to Blacktown via a T70/T71 and then special to depot for driver to finish shift.

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