Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Expensive Late Buses - Westbus 780!

A female commuter was waiting outside bus stop number 2770194 (Whalan, Waikanda Cr Near Luxford Rd) * had explained to me that she had found difficult to catch the Westbus 780  which arrives at 9.56am allowing her  to catch train at 10.05am at Mount Druitt train station.

Her main issue was that she had to reach Sydney city by 11am.She eventually had to catch a taxi that took her to Mount Druitt around 10am, yet the Westbus 780 bus arrived around 10.04am. This then allowed her (if she caught the train) one minute to reach train, although the bus had just arrived on the bus stop.

The worse news is the bus is actually suppose to arrive at 9.52am as per The New South Wales transport website (this is earlier than she thought):

Maybe Transport stake holders that check this website can take timing of buses serious when  providing timetables on bus stops ( now we becoming more accurate with great technology we have).

NB: I realised I didn't advise her to advise 131500 and obtain a job number!

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