Monday, July 25, 2011

Commuter NeedsTo Be Communicated When Buses Do Not Operate!

A Mount Druitt bus commuter called, 'Josh' has  brought up a relevant issue that arises when crisis is called  for - when buses are taken away from  service.

He was is shocked to hear that when these bus strikes and/or bus immediately stops services due to anti-social behaviors against bus drivers and/or commuters, that there is little or no warning given to commuters waiting at bus stops from directly bus operators and/or Transport NSW. What he would like to see is, signs on the roads confirming this. This is to ensure he is is not waiting for an hour or so to get to UWS Penrith

For me, I have been fortunate with that it hasn't happened to me much, except three to four months ago, when there was total chaos in and around the bus interchange at Mount Druitt.  At this point  of time, we both thought of  one issue to solve the younger and modern generation would have been 'Real Time Messaging'.

Then I had this weird idea of  a hidden speaker on every bus stop stand, making necessary announcement - same as the train station except relating to buses. It would have to be anti-theft proof and damage proof!

Speaker Icon Clip Art

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