Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bus Stop 2770194 Needs Concrete Slab To Make It More Accessible To Commuters

Today, I spoke  to Ken from Whalan and his pet hate issue is Blacktown City Council recently patching concrete slab block on Luxford Road near Waikanda Crescent, Whalan (Bus Stop number 2770194), leaving the front of the bus stop, inaccessible for the needy commuters.

It appears that it doesn't fit Standards  for accessibility - and this is one thing that Blacktown Council spokesperson  has stated to me is extremely important. So what is suggested here is a concrete slab to be placed to provide better access to the disabled and aged commuters, in between the front of the bus stop and side of the kerb.

You will see  from the below photograph, what I mean and what Ken means. Where the dirt patch is, it gets muddy and tricky for commuters to board any buses bus.

NB: Check the new white slab in the not too far background!

We will refer this to Black City Council and we will provide a response to you - and then we will check other sheltered bus stops to check and provide our own audit of them.

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