Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Weekend Queuing For Tickets After Long Weekend!

One thing I have been trying to resist to do in travelling on public transport for nearly 24 years in and around Mount Druitt, is simply prevent myself on not obtain tickets prior to the end of the long weekend.

The queue at Mount Druitt Train Station
Yet this time I had perfect reason to do so, family event night before, walked 20 minutes to get to train station and 'what the heck - the queues weren't that bad!'
That was because the current electronic ticketing  purchasing system at the train station was creating a second queue, which reduced lines for the ticketing office.

Some good things to to look at in the future is the new Electronic Ticketing system that Sydney Trains are in the process to release will actually reduce these queues and make it so much easier for the commuter.

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