Sunday, September 30, 2012

City Rail Commuters - To Clean up Their Own Mess! - Mount Druitt Commuter

Carine from Mount Druitt, catches either Busways 761/750 to Mount Druitt train stations and then catches City Rail trains to and from Granville.       

One of the things she would like to see improved is  the condition of seats, where junk is left of seats and should not be left there, leaving  behind heaps of litter.

She has just provided an unique suggestion, which could be looked at by City Rail and NSW for Transport, that is, each commuter that brings food or drinks in trains, bring their own plastic bag and disposes the rubbish by themselves outside the  next train station stop in a public bin, in a respectable manner or  privately at home. This means  each commuter has responsibility and duty towards  public transport cleanliness.

Editors Notes:
I think, that if I remember laws around City Rail, food should not be consumed on City Rail trains. Over time commuters just eat lunch, dinner, have snacks on the trains and drink cool bottle water (in summer). In time this has been overlooked by City Rail and they is nothing stopping any commuter do this!

We welcome any other suggestions from other commuters!

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