Thursday, September 27, 2012

Earlier Announcements Required On City Rail Trains Out West!

Sangianish from Mount Druitt walks 7 minutes to Mount Druitt ( she times it exactly and then catches the City Rail train to and from Parramatta to work.

She would like to see improvements with advising commuters of late trains, more on time or in her case 'before time'. If City Rail knows the train will be late, then they should announce it at least 2 minutes before the  train is time tabled to arrive at the train station, not after 5-6 minutes after it is time table to arrive, this will will provide better and improved well informed commuters.

Sangianish also suggests in Summer there are plenty of old trains that  have 'Air-cons' not working, this needs to be attended too or even bring in newer trains to provide a well deserved public transport improvement for commuter on the Western Line and Greater Western Sydney!

Let's hope there isn't a website like this for our State Rail!

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