Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guitarist Practices on Western Line!

Marvin  a guitarist from Rooty Hill, catches the city Rail trains to and  from Central train station.

He claims time management and cleanliness on trains are both important.  Cleaner trains means more hygienic for everyone and bases on NSW budget projections and constraints a supply of newer trains to get people to travel more on trains as well. 

Vandalism should be stopped, new trains to ensure multiple security cameras and people patrolling the trains providing constant security.

He even thinks placing bins on the trains can be regularly cleaned by the City Rail cleaning contractors for hygienic purposes.

Editors Notes:
 after I interviewed, spoke and discussed with the previous commuter, I heard music on the train carriage, so I raced up the bottom stairs and sat right next to this guitarist - and I have placed a video of his music for you to listen too -  he is good - imagine he use the train trip to practice, yet he doesn't do it too loud - loud enough for me to here nicely:

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