Monday, August 22, 2011

Blacktown City Council's Response To One Short Journey on Westbus 674

This is the e-mail received from Transport Officer from Blacktown City Council:

 Reyad Toufaili Blacktown Council                                                                                                                  22/8/2011


Reference is made to your email to Council dated 

20/06/2011 regarding bus issues for bus route 674.

Please be advised that your concerns have been refereed to 

Hillsbus/Westbus for their investigation.  Furthermore, 

Hillsbus/Westbus has provided Council with the following 


 Bus Route 674

Regarding the extracts from the residents correspondence:

1.  The diversion of route 674 services includes from Mt

Druitt and Windsor.  The number of services is uneven due

 to the trips timetabled on this route.

2.  We are creating and installing bus stop timetables for 

timing point bus stops in the Region 1 area.  We have now 

prioritised the creation of a bus stop timetable for this area.

3.  We currently provide customers a feedback service that

 caters for written and telephone cases.  Commendations for 

Drivers are provided to the Driver to encourage positive 

behaviour and inform our internal Driver of the month 

program.  We welcome positive driver feedback and 

witnesses to these events may provide this feedback to

 Westbus or 131500.

Should you require any further information regarding this 

matter, please contact me on 9839 6306 during office hours.

Reyad Toufaili

Traffic Management Officer

Blacktown City Council

This is the original e-mail sent to Westbus copied to Blacktown City Council Officer on 20/6/2011:

 John Svoboda
To Stephen Timbrell, Stephen Briant Blacktown CC, Wayne Lu
Dear Stephen,

Our group members noticed an error on the Westbus 674

timetable - one bus service less on the return trip during

the week. Maybe you can look into this as the original

suggestions for this timetable service would have come

from the Westbus Planning Department.

Also you may wish to talk to Blacktown City Council and

see if we can get time tables on the bus stop signs along

the Samarai and Gasmatta Roads. Moresby Crescent

appears there is no bus stop and there was one there.

Please respond and advise situation also what can be done

to provide  more further and better services in that area.


John Svoboda


Mount Druitt Commuters Group

PS: I spoke to you about promoting the Happy bus Drivers

register - I haven't heard any feedback from yourself yet -

 are you and Westbus in favor of this idea?

My comments are that the current response from Westbus is

'We are not saying no now  or even yes'!

I would've like a simple 'Yes, we will fix up our mistake and 

provide the correct service' or 'No,  the service  of 674 is

correctly timetabled!'

Is that hard to say?

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