Friday, August 12, 2011

A Western Sydney Commuter With Lots Of Transport Ideas

A male commuter I met briefly today, who departed the train at Seven Hills had so many ideas to improve public transport.

It is rare that some commuters will  have more than one or two ideas to bring out and tell me - but this is where I gave him the opportunity to be open, clear and most importantly enjoy what you say. He was - said  at first it is hard to  make improvements in transport unless you have money and when asked where would the funds come from  - he had no answer.

Then a mind blowing suggestion came to and I asked if he had all the money to improve transport what would he do. His instant reply was, fix up the air conditioning in trains - it is never the right temperature. also for people standing on standing their should be hand holders - like buses have inside - providing better stability for commuters on trains. Finally, he suggested that  he would spend money on more track maintenance as opposed to spending it on making train stations better. He has heard that the tracks we have in Sydney are not built for fast trains and we need to build better tracks for fast trains.

At the end he also wasn't aware that Blacktown had a Free Bus shuttle run and said he would start using it.

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