Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mount Druitt Commuters Are Purchasing Long Term Transport Tickets

It appears there is a dramatic increase in the purchase of long term transport tickets at Mount Druitt train station and an increases of 196 extra commuters making savings (Just hit the headline to this story to reach the following press release - from the NSW Transport Ministers website).

No on will condone reduction of transport fares, in fact there would be the opposite. We haven't faced reduction of transport fares from my memory, except with the My-Multi tickets, when my weekly ticket when down by $1 per week, with the Kenneally State Government.

Although I applaud the reduction of long-term transport fares, I am still not transferring from a weekly to monthly ticket for 2 reasons - 1) There is no permanent guarantee that anyone's job is secured for life, years and even month to month and 2) I would rather pay the extra costs  paid for short-term transport tickets, then knowing what my employment schedule  is for the oncoming week; whether it would be work, being on leave or taken any other leave rather take long-term tickets.

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