Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wesbus Drivers - Some Do Not Think The New Mesh Guards Are Driver-Protected/Safe

Although every day different drivers and commuters talk to me, it startles me to think that everyone either driver/ commuter has different opinions about everything in transport.

I heard from a  Westbus driver spokesperson that the mesh guards that have recently been introduced are not completely  protecting bus drivers and making them safe. I would like to point out that, even though that we are a commuters group, we are also terribly concerned of the safety and health of the drivers treated by the minority of the public that can wreck it for others.

Witnessing my hand go through the front top of the mesh, people can reach drivers. The front of the mesh is lowered, enabling the revision mirror to be used. Yet the revision mirror (although centered in the middle of the front of the bus), can be relocated to the left side of the front of the bus allowing the mesh to be raised, providing more protection to the drivers. Also, unbeknown to us, commuters spitting to a driver occurs and still can occur on the wire mesh. Although, this was advised to the drivers union, it fell on deaf ears, so far.

They wanted to rush the guards though as soon as possible - which sounds good as long as you cross off your  protection and safety checklist!Maybe they will reconsider to raise the mess guards as a further protection to all Bus Drivers.

NB: Personally, I am glad that Westbus are looking at using protective measures on their buses!

Here is a Westbus  picture of a mesh guard - you'll see what I mean!

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