Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great Suggestion From A Commuter I Know, On Free Shuttle Buses!

Every day commuters speak to me - even commuters that actually read articles in the local paper, as they are interested in community activities and progress of,

Barbara, is a lovely lady and I so-called bumped 'into her' at the Mount Druitt Train Station today, while heading to the WSPTU 3rd Transport Symposium. She gave me the best idea that is required when commencing Local Community Free Buses. That is instead of using the standard buses that are currently used when commencing these bus shuttles, use the minibuses type  to gage the initial response to patronage and use of. If it is successful, then move onto the standard length buses and thus there is shown progress!

Great simple suggestion - I think our blog is a suggestion blog with the amount of people that want to share public transport improvement ideas, do you agree?

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