Monday, August 15, 2011

Vision Impaired Commuter At Mount Druitt Train Station Trying To Listen!

Alfred, another wonderful person from Mount Druitt is vision impaired and was on his way to the Royal Blind Society and finds hard of hearing the announcements on  the speakers coming through.

Although, to me ( not having this disability), I find the speed of the voice recorded announcement normal. Yet if I was to close my eyes the female voice does sound quite fast as you are focusing on listening and I couldn't hear properly what was the announcement for the gentleman - it appeared that the train wasn't stopping at Strathfield and I later discovered it did. To the gentleman, I apologise as I advised you it may not be going to Strathfield - I now understand your issue.

On his very own mercy he relies on bus and trains to get to places daily, so concise, clear announcement slowed down a bit, may make like easier!

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