Thursday, August 11, 2011

Commuters Are Left Standing On Bus Stops For Two Years Or More After Local Government Council's Approves It!

Yes, we as commuters (especially) bus commuters have to be very patient when  we have a lot of commuters waiting at  your bus stop and there is heavy down pouring rain or such a heated day, there is no direct shade to cool off under.

We have to wait for the bus patiently, sometimes waiting for elderly passengers to board the bus and then their could be the waiting if someone brings out a dollar note paying a dollar fare. Yes waiting!

More seriously, a community member I have met today has advised they lobbied for a bus shelter with the Local Council and it took over 2 years to have it finally constructed. Why wait that long for a bus shelter to be built within that time -  basically it is a funding issue- not allocated in Council's Budget for that financial year and so on............

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