Tuesday, August 2, 2011

St Marys - Mt Druitt Star - Fear On Buses

I believe that although  some people think bureaucrats may not do anything in Bidwill to improve safety for drivers - that crunch is now - less words more action and I feel Blacktown City Council Transport Officers, do understand the commuters and commuters needs and will lead the way for us. It just makes it hard for all to face the  sad music. Here is the story from St Marys- Mt Druitt:  We still say the main protection for drivers and commuters is 'Prepay buses' introduced immediately, City Rail Like Transit Officers on all bus trips (This makes it look more official)- not private guards,  more police patrols uniform and undercover, across- the board education program,s placed at all level of education. If you know anyone acting in these not required anti-social behaviors contact Crime Stoppers:

Report Crime Online or Call

So far we have mentioned these issues and blind eyes are turning although the general community is behind us.

Fear on the buses

02 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM
A BUSWAYS driver fears it may take someone to be badly hurt or killed before management follows another bus company's lead to improve safety.

The former Transport Workers Union delegate doubts bureaucrats will do more to protect its drivers, despite yet another assault of a driver in Bidwill on July 20.

"I was a delegate so I know how they operate," the experienced driver told the Star.

In the wake of five attacks within a fortnight across Mt Druitt in March, Westbus listened to its drivers and took swift action to temporarily employ security guards on night services while cage-like security screens were manufactured and installed on 43 buses.

Busways declared Chestnut Crescent as a no-go zone after the recent attack. Arrangements are in place for school students.

"The safety of our drivers and passengers is paramount," a Busways spokesman said. "Safety measures in place now include driver security screens, security cameras, two-way radio communication, ongoing driver training and Busways is constantly reviewing procedures relating driver safety and where needed changes implemented."

The Busways driver said driver screens have been in place for 10 years and don't protect a driver if king-hit.
He is disappointed officials said no to guards and self- defence training after the March attacks.

Busways refuted union claims the two-way radio was broken in the Bidwill attack and claimed the driver failed to use the security screen.

The Busways driver heard conflicting versions of events but said radios were known to be "less than perfect".
He supports Westbus's measures but said some colleagues needed convincing.

A Westbus bus was on display at Busways' Glendenning depot at an occupational health and safety meeting on Friday.
"Some don't like the cages but their minds change if something happens to them," he said.

"There was a driver who wasn't happy about the 'nightride' service avoiding Debrincat Avenue a few years ago. That was until I got a call at 2am after a five-kilogram dumbbell went through his window."

All aboard to protect drivers: Westbus driver Barry Hupton feels safer behind the wheel now that security screens have been installed. Westbus will monitor the effectiveness of the screens in consultation with drivers over the next few months. Picture: Gene Ramirez

All aboard to protect drivers: Westbus

 driver Barry Hupton feels safer behind

 the wheel now that security screens have

 been installed. Westbus will monitor the

 effectiveness of the screens in

 consultation with drivers over the next

 few months. Picture: Gene Ramirez

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