Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cycle Ways: Plans And Visual Directions Need to Be Properly Provided To The Mount Druitt Community

Earl Street Mount Druitt 
As Blacktown has Cycling  Plans - we notice that most of the signs are on the ground level - yet a lot of cyclists would be watching in front of themselves for actual street signs on posts as well as the marked streets. 

In fact the street are weakly marked. If you asked  the  majority of Mount Druitt/ Blacktown residents didn't they know they  had a bike route in their area - they  answer would definitely be unknown.

This one is in Methven Street Mount Druitt

When you search for the bike plan it under the drop down box of  'Visiting Our City' Click Here - and the map is not clearly understandable as another one  that is available Compare it by clicking here!. So if you are not visiting our city (that is living in the city), you cannot find it! When you go to Google maps the cycle ways are different to Councils's Try it by clicking here!

So, I will be looking forward (in future to use the paths of the Council's bike plan), let's hope there is  simple signage that even attracts other members of the community to bike ride  - place the number of the Bike ride plan on the sign. Have outdoor maps promoting it. What more could I say?
Corner of Earl Streets and Hythe Streets
Mount Druitt

W e also have to ensure that the cycling tracks are  being maintained ( right picture shows two way cycling and pedestrian access and no maintenance on the kerb - grass is over growing).

The  below example of of a sign post from Parramatta Council could help a lot!
Example of Parramatta City Council sigange

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